Dental Care for the Patient with Fibromyalgia


fibromyalgia dentist vistMany patients surely feel they have suffered enough from fibromyalgia, and want their dental treatment rendered as comfortably as possible. There are ways to increase the comfort of the fibromyalgia patient in the dental chair. Intravenous sedation can render the delivery of dental care as comfortable as possible for patients with fibromyalgia. Cosmetic dental care and all that modern dentistry has to offer, is more comfortably available now to fibromyalgia patients.

Going to the dentist can be among the routine ventures that can pose a special difficulty for the fibromyalgia patient. Other patients have the sense that they have suffered enough from the fibromyalgia, and want their dental treatment rendered as comfortably as possible. Doctors, sometimes unfamiliar with the needs of fibromyalgia patients, may prescribe insufficient post-operative pain relievers.

Antibiotics could be used before and during the procedure to control the bacteria, and deep-breathing or relaxation techniques could be used to help reduce your anxiety, and therefore flares. Analgesics could be used after the procedure, if necessary, to relieve pain.

We know any type of stress– whether physical stress, such as an infection, or emotional stress, such as fear– can make fibromyalgia and perhaps RA worse, too. In the scenario you describe, I can think of at least three potential stressors that may contribute to your flares: the release of bacteria from the mouth into the bloodstream during cleaning, which stimulates the immune system just enough to increase the level of cytokines in the bloodstream and tissue; the discomfort associated with the procedure, and the anxiety caused by anticipating another flare. It would not be unreasonable to assume it might happen again once you know this has happened in the past.